AMP I.3 – BJT Classical Configurations

Introduction Now that you have the basics needed to understand and analyze transistor circuits, let’s continue our study with the classical textbook configurations of BJT amplifiers.  You’ll find these in every course and textbook that deals with amplifiers, though not always with great explanations. The following circuits are textbook circuits, and while you may find … Read more

Building Block I – The Amplifier

Introduction Why start with amplifiers?  Aren’t they complicated? Many would consider starting with antennas or filters as a better introduction to radio circuit theory.  These are conceptually more simple (although if you dig far enough, antenna theory can be very intimidating as well).  However, I think starting your adventure into the realm of radio with … Read more

The Building Blocks of Radio

While at first glance the schematic for a full radio receiver or transmitter may seem incredibly complex, once you know what you are looking for you can isolate certain parts of the schematic to simplify the process.  To understand schematics for radio circuits, you need to be able to isolate these blocks and understand them. … Read more

Welcome to the Course

First off, thank you for stopping by!  If you’re reading this, chances are you’re at least somewhat interested in the radio arts. In this series of blog posts, lessons, experiments and examples, my goal is to bring you from a high school student’s perspective on electronics, to a fully fledged radio experimenter, using the concepts … Read more